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A reading of psalm 91 followed by a sermon, titled "The committed believer is safe and secure in the protection of the Almighty" . A free downloadable mp3 of psalm 91 to listen to on your laptop or mp3 player! There is also a summary of the sermon, questions on the psalm and suggested scriptures to memorize.



About psalm 91 and its uses through the ages. Featuring links to the psalms use in popular culture (for example, Enya sings part of psalm 91 on Sinead O'Connor's album 'The Lion and the Cobra'), musical history (such as Mendelsohn's use of Psalm 91 in the Oratorio 'Elijah') and its uses in Judaism and Western and Eastern Orthodox Christianity.


Psalm 91 in song and music

Video version on youtube by Lincoln Brewster based on the scripture with accompanying photographic images:-


A reading of Psalm 91, with stunning and inspiring photographic images. Accompanied by ambient music soundtrack. The film gives space for meditation and reflection on the power contained within the words of this scripture:-


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Psalm 91 Commentary

Commentary by John Calvin

Psalm 91: 1-4 Commentary Psalm 91: 5-8 Commentary Psalm 91: 9-12 Commentary Psalm 91: 13-16 Commentary
Commentary by Matthew Henry Psalm 91 Commentary Part 1 Psalm 91 Commentary Part 2
Exegesis on Psalm 91 by Alexander Maclaren Psalm 91:4 - The Sheltering Wing Psalm 91:9-10 - The meaning of this verse Psalm 91:14 - Commentary on trusting in God Psalm 91:15-16 - Exegesis on 'What God Will Do For Us'

Bible Notes & Sermons
Bible Notes by John Wesley on Psalm 91
Sermon on Psalm 91 by Charles Spurgeon (Part One)
Sermon on Psalm 91 by Charles Spurgeon (Part Two)

Bible Versions Psalm 91 modern The words to psalm 91 from the "Message" Bible
Psalm 91 words The words from Webster's Bible
Psalm 91 text The words from Young's Literal Translation
Psalm 91 King James version The traditional words from the Authorized Bible
Psalm 91 Scripture
American Standard Version
The words from the ASV
Psalm 91 in Latin The words from the Roman Catholic Vulgate

Psalm 91 Catholic Version From the Catholic Public Domain Version

Psalm 91 11 Versions Comparing the NIV, GNT, KJV, Message & NLT

Soldiers PrayerPsalm 91 as a prayer for protection
Psalm 91 for children Art, craft & teaching aids for pre-school & sunday school
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